Our Crew are the good folks, talent, entertainers, scientists, volunteers, staff, and souls that are stepping forth to make this project a reality by contributing whatever they can to the project and relief. We all have busy lives, and this is a not-for-profit venture, so while many of us may be aiming at being on board as much as we can - life gets in the way - and therefore we need a pretty large database of crew members we can call of for various relief projects, entertaining, adventures, and expeditions. Of course, there will be a group of us that takes this on as a lifestyle - living on board as permanent crew of the ships. Sometimes this will fluctuate, sometimes it will be dependable. We've got a community of talent from all walks of life ready to make this happen. We'll be posting their profiles and a brief bio for each of them as we establish this site. We're looking for all sorts of talent and volunteers this make this project a reality. Nurses, Doctors, Ecologists, Environmentalists, Activists, Historians, Artists, Entertainers, Guards, Crew ... We Need You! We need a large crew of volunteers to make this happen - we have have any number of artists, entertainers, cooks, seamstresses, Captains, cartographers, etc. As someday we'll have a fleet. [Top Reference Links are Alphabetical Order, Actual Listings are chronological in order of sign-up, divided between Captains and Crew. ]    

Captains: [ Heathen MacStraynge ]   [ Leaf McGowan ] [ Etain de Danann ] [ Q. the Quartermaster ] Crew:  [ April Hoy (Seamstress) ]   [ Holly "Jane de Belleville" (Costumer) ] [ Jason Cummings (Bard) ]   [ WK BlackBurn or Aquia Seastar the Mermaid (Cook/Healer) ] [ Many More to Come ... ]
Captain Leaf McGowan   Captain Leaf McGowan Founder/Cartographer/Curator/ Archaeologist/Ethnographer Herbalist/Folklorist/Body Painter/MagicianI'm the brainchild and mayhem maker behind this particular project. I've always been an avid Cultural Preservationist, Folklorist, and Environmentalist - with a servitude of doing my part to take care of this planet and its history in any way I can- that is my life purpose. Suffering from wanderlust - what better way than sailing the Seven Seas spreading cheer, smiles, uplifting spirit, spreading folklore, adventure, and assisting relief where disaster hits while playing the role of a Pirate - Technogypsie - Artist - Scientist. It's about making a difference. I bring to the table my expertise, my map skills, my art, science, and Technogypsie.com. Current Port: Newport, Oregon.  Former Ports:Tallahassee, Florida; Roswell, New Mexico; Seattle, Washington; Point Roberts, Washington; Vancouver, British Columbia; Eugene, Oregon; Los Angeles, California; Miami, Florida; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Ashland, Oregon; Truro, Cornwall, England; Dublin, Ireland; Newport, Oregon; etc.

Mythmaker     Captain Heathen MacStraynge and the Steamfunk Pirate Patrol Argg ... I've a LandShip and crew, with swords and peg leg stilts and costumes, and trolls, and dragons and music, and wenches and horns, And and and and....Argg ... What do you want me to do? Stoked to play Arrg Captain Heathen MacStraynge and the Steamfunk Pirate Patrol http://www.mythmaker.ca Current Port: Vancouver, British Columbia.  


  April Hoy   Seamstress April Hoy Seamstress and Cook Description Coming Soon!Blissed! April Duty makes us do things well, but love makes us do them beautifully. ~Zig Ziglar www.aprilenchanted.com. Current Port:Denver, Colorado.

Holly Heiman   Costumer, Re-enactor, Researcher, Cook, Actress I'd be happy being a freebooter, and although I'm no old salt, have plenty o' other knowledge and skills: costumery, historical re-enactment, research, cooking, sustainability, and theatre. Altho this photo aint the best since Im in drag, it'll do for now! Holly "Jane de Belleville" "You want what you want, so just do it and be happy and get on with your life." ~ H.H. We are What we repeatedly do. ~Aristotle Current Port: Colorado Springs, Colorado.    

WK Blackburn   Wk Blackburn aka Aquia Seastar the Mermaid Healer and Cook I am the daughter of one of the Original Sea Lab U.S.Navy Seals and was raised in Florida on the Atlantic Coast at the Bermuda Triangle. I spent more time in the water than on land and out to sea then in playgrounds growing up. We ate lobster so often as a family that my sister use to say, "You just thought it was corn flakes!"I have been an Organic Vegetarian Cook and patisserie for over 10 years. I have lived in several cooperatives ranging from 3 to 65 people living and working together. I am a healing artist with Massage Therapy, Thai massage Therapy, BREEMA, and WATSU studies. I am also studying sound healing, herbalism, and alternative medicines. I would love to head up the galley! And create the healing space. I have Jane of All Trade skills and love sewing, art, and designing spaces. "Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths."--Joseph Campbell http://www.myspace.com/twilightening. Current Port: Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat Center Intentional Community.Previous Ports: Faerieworlds; Astoria, Oregon; Seaside, Oregon; Ashland, Oregon (Student's Media Collective); Eugene, Oregon (The Lorax Manor); Melbourne, Florida.    

  name   Eadaoin Bineid "Etain De Danann" About me coming soon. Current Port:Newport, Oregon    
    name   Jason Cummings "Moonsinger" Bard/Crew Hand Greetings my name is Jason Cummings sometimes called MOONSINGER. I am a Vagabond/gypsy at heart. I would love to be a part of the crew. I am an artist (painter sculptor love to draw, that sort of thing) a storyteller and went to school to learn to cook. Also I have studied cinematography for many years and worked as a storyboard artist for a while. Those are the things I would do for the viewing audience, I am also great with logistical work. I have extensive experience with traveling to new locations setting up shop/finding day to day resources. I am confident that I could arrive in a new city almost anywhere in the world and have basic necessities accounted for within a day (not just for myself but for others as well). I would love the opportunity to help those in need in different parts of the world. Current Port:California.     
  Quartermaster Q   Q. the Quartermaster I am an itinerant philosopher-poet, and an alien syzygial ludibrium. As Quartermaster, I will give no quarter, for change must come from within. To create the water ship, we first forge a friendship that can weather the journey from this electric dream to the hard ocean. When we left the sea, we carried her with us in our salted blood. Now we will return, and bring to her our trees in the masts of tall ships. The waves will rock us like the arms of a mother. And we will rock the waves. Current Port: Colorado Springs, Colorado.Previous Ports: None Listed.  

  name   When submitting your crew information - tell us what you'd like to be and what you can do for Pirate Relief. List some of your skills and aspirations with this project and experience sets. If you want to be considered as a crew member or volunteer, submit this description with a photo of yourself (most aesthetically in pirate garb, but not required - regular pics work too) to captain@piraterelief.com Current Port: State your Current Location.Previous Ports: List some ports you've lived if you like.