Bowtox (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Luke Oseland


Bowtox (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Luke Oseland

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Bowtox (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Luke Oseland. ( BOWTOX )  Trick. Difficulty: Beginner. Description:

“Luke makes incredible tricks that are perfect for social media”

– Marc Kerstein

“The perfect quick holiday trick”

– Rory Adams

“Out of all the ticks I’ve performed on social media, this one still makes me giggle the most. Absolutely love to, and can’t wait to bring it out again for Xmas.”

– Joel M

Imagine taking a piece of ribbon, and in slow motion, transforming it into a carefully tied bow to hand out as a souvenir.

Last Christmas, Luke posted a concept video of Bowtox. It was an INSTANT hit. He was flooded with messages asking when and where it would be available. After leaking the tutorial to a select group of paying influencers last year, the effect reached an insane amount of views. Finally, Luke has decided to publish it to the modern magic market.

Along with the in-person handling, Luke has also included a handling designed with social media and situational environments in mind (with the help of Rory Adams). In this handling, you take the ribbon and snort it up your nose, before coughing up the bow. This deceptive, hilarious performance is a real winner.

Bowtox is great for:

Holiday season


Valentines day


Baby showers


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