Project Gypsy

Pirate Relief is a Arts & Educational Project that celebrates “Living Myth” by bringing the Arts, Sciences, and Legends to Life … uplifting spirits, hope, and dreams while sharing what gifts, aid, relief, and support we have to offer to those struggling from a coastal natural disaster or tackling damages done to the environment and waterways.

Pirate Relief is fashioning a dream to create a fleet of historical replica pirate ships that we will sail the seven seas with – providing entertainment, fun, history, relief, and assistance to communities in need. We want to be there in times of crisis, whether natural disaster or ecological catastrophe to help out in any way we can – by uplifting spirit with our entertaining crew of artists, storytellers, dancers, fire spinners, and performers; to providing donated food, water, assistance, and relief – helping hands for cleanup, wildlife care, rehabilitation, medical assistance, historic & environmental preservation, integrating methods of sustainability actions, and/or by any other means that we have to help with.

When there are no disasters or need within our reach, then we plan to entertain local communities by preserving folklore by process of dissemination as well as promoting the Living Myth with the arts, music, history, storytelling, and a sense of adventure. When our dreams become fulfilled, we hope to have on-board pirate museums, lectures, shows, and tours. From Disaster Relief to Comic Relief, we plan to make a life of it on the sea. Our roving bands of talent may bounce back and forth from land to sea to uplift spirit, help in time of need, spread ecological awareness/assistance, sustainability, and ecological/historic preservation. We have several projects or phases to work on to achieve all of this. We hope to achieve our first Galleon by no later than 2025.

(1) Project Gypsy:

Our first project of action is seed planting and establishing the organization. This involves establishing a crew of roaming pirates, techno-gypsies, tinkers, artisans, scientists, and helping hands to breathe life into Pirate Relief. We’ll establish a home base to work from somewhere on the coast. We will start promoting the mission. We’ll do fundraising events. We’ll tackle whatever we can of our mission from land until we obtain our boat. Until we raise the capital to buy or build a tall ship (the first of many) … We are assembling our caravan of gypsy performers to start spreading the word of our goals, to assist in relief issues we encounter that we have the ability to assist with, and working on ecological/ sustainable projects. We are building a mobile community of artisans, scientists, dedicated talent, and helping hands to bring this Living Myth
into our reality …

  • Caravans & Vardos
  • Coastal Home Base
  • Crew of Talents
  • Mermaid Temple

The first steps of this action has begun. The Captain is going through some tall ship training experience soon to make sure that the “Pirate’s Life” is for him. With experience and knowledge from the low-level crew of a ship,. he’ll get a good perspective where to start.

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