Catnip Leaf, 3 oz in a re-usable tin


Tin of Catnip Leaf, Nepeta cataria, 3 oz. Nice silver tin with tin lid.

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Catnip, Cut and sifted 3 oz

3 ounces in a re-usable rectangular tin with a metal lid

Nepeta cataria

We source our catnip from Frontier Herb. It is native to Europe but can be found locally throughout the United States and Canada. It is grown inside and outside of the house and is beloved by cats. It is a popular tea.

According to folklore and mythology, it is used as a tea for head colds and cancer, a carminative, digestive aid, tonic, sleeping aid, and mild nightcap. Some add it to salads as green, a standard tea in England,  and a toy for cats. Magically considered a feminine plant that is associated with the planet Venus, an element of water, as well as the Deity Bast. It is used for cat magic, love, beauty, and happiness. According to folklore, when given to cats, it creates a psychic bond between you and the feline. It is used in love sachets, friendship, hung in doorways to attract good spirits and great luck.

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