Fireball Wand (The Peacemaker) Magic Shooting Wizard’s Wand – Trick


Fireball Wand (The Peacemaker) Magic Shooting Wizard’s Wand – Trick

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Fireball Wand (The Peacemaker) Magic Shooting Wizard’s Wand: ( HAZ_FIREBALLPEACE ) Trick. Difficulty:No Skill Required. Special Effects (Fire, Smoke, Sound). This is a hazardous materials product. Please note that shipping HAZARDOUS MATERIAL may increase your shipping charge. Depending on what HAZARDOUS MATERIAL is shipped and your country’s postal code is what will determine which carrier is used (UPS or FEDEX) and the shipping service (Ground, Express, Priority, Two-day, Express Priority Overnight, etc). UPS & FEDEX ships HAZMAT internationally! Depending on your country’s postal code, additional paperwork might be required to pass through customs. Please contact your Account Manager for further details. Features:
Innovative ignition system that propels fireballs out of the wand
Rechargeable with USB cable (included)
Made with high-quality material
1:1 Wizard’s Wand with unique styles
Flash Paper allows up to 180-200 shots fired (included)
Maximum shooting range up to 15-20 feet (depending on the size of the fireball)
Beginners guide to wand motions (pamphlet included)
An enchantment that brings the power of elemental fire to your fingertips. Unleash your inner sorcerer and command fiery chaos with each wave of this intricately crafted wand. With its seamless fusion of ancient craftsmanship and modern arcane technology, the Wizard’s Wand channels your intentions into mesmerizing fireballs that dance and crackle with otherworldly energy before soaring through the air with precision and might. Whether you’re a seasoned mage seeking an impressive addition to your collection or an aspiring wizard eager to ignite your magical journey, this wand promises a spellbinding experience that melds mystique and mastery in a symphony of flames.

Elevate your enchanting endeavors and ignite your imagination with the Wizard’s Wand – where fantasy becomes a scorching reality. BRAND NEW. As is, no returns. See photos for visual description and details.

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