Franklin Mint 24k gold-plated porcelain Cartouche-Shaped Container


Franklin Mint 24k gold-plated porcelain Cartouche-Shaped Container

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One of Franklin Mint’s collectible gold-plated ceramic Cartouche-Shaped Container pieces from the Treasures of Tutankhamun. When King Tutankhamun passed away at the age of about 19, a meticulously organized burial was to follow. The body was mummified and prepared to enter the afterlife. Artisans constructed the coffins and shrines necessary for the burial ceremony. Seventy days after the King died, his body was finally laid to rest in the tomb. Accompanying King Tutankhamun’s body were many precious artifacts. Amongthem was a gold container in the shape of a double royal cartouche. It is believed that this container held a funerary unguent. The king’s cartouche was crafted of the finest gold. Enhancing this precious metal were inlays of polychrome glass imitating lapis, turquoise, and red jasper. The ornamentation was highly embossed and chased except for the elaborate plumes which extended upward from the top. These were made of intricate cloisonne work. The golden case was attached to a pedestal of gleaming sterling silver engraved with a band of symbols emblematic of life and King Tutankhamun’s dominion. The double cartouche usually displayed a king’s throne name as well as his personal name. In Tutankhamun’s case, however, the cartouche was ornately decorated with portraits of himself, with those on the front being almost mirror images of each other. Both cartouches depicted King Tutankhamun squatting beneath the sun and facing inward. Clothed in a long, pleated robe, he also wore the beaded collar characteristic of ancient Egyptian dress. During the New Kingdom of Tutankhamun, a side lock of braided hair was usually considered a mark of royalty. This of course was how King Tutankhamun’s hair was portrayed on the cartouche. Two-piece ceramic miniature replica by the Franklin Mint. Comes with an original info sheet. Previously owned, has shelf wear, see photos for condition. As is, no returns. No longer manufactured, collector’s item. Prized. 24k gold-plated porcelain figure. Made in Thailand.

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