Growing Hat or Bag to Hat by Ronjo


Growing Hat or Bag to Hat by Ronjo

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Growing Hat or Bag to Hat by Ronjo: Difficulty:Beginner. Discontinued. Routine as in the instructions:
A tiny clown hat is shown. It doesn’t fit anyone. Turn it inside out of course it still won’t fit! Turn it inside out once more and it transforms into a large hat of a different shape!

Routine as we would present it:
Open a cloth bag take out a few items, keys, glasses, phone, wallet but you act very surprised that your hat isn’t in there. Check the top of your head to see if you forgot that you might be wearing it. Check the bag again, still no hat. Turn the bag inside out just to make sure it isn’t in there. It clearly is not there. Turn the bag inside out once more and the bag magically transforms into hat!

Fun cute, easy to do! Great for clowns and magician.

Made from quality fabric. Patterns may vary from picture. NEW. Discontinued. As is, no returns. See photos for condition, details, and visual description.

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