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HOUDINI LOCKPICK SET. SKU# MS01610. OVERVIEW: Straight out of a James Bond movie, this is an actual lock-pick set concealed inside a credit card housing. The back portion of the card slides off to reveal 4 individual picks and a double-sided tension tool. At 1/8″ thick, it’s about twice the thickness as a normal credit card, but it will discreetly fit in your wallet along with your other credit cards. The picks are top quality, solid stamped stainless steel. SPECIAL HOUDINI VERSION
Harry Houdini was famous for his ability to hide lock picks in plain sight until he needed them to effect an escape. There weren’t any credit cards in Houdini’s day, but if there were he probably would have invented an item like this to hide his escape tools on his person. The first thing you’ll notice on this card is the haunting, ghost-like image of Houdini in the background. Not so noticeable is that the credit card number, if converted to the text letters on a telephone, spell out “Nothing Can Hold Me”. Finally, the “member since” and “valid through” dates represent Houdini’s birth and death dates. This special limited-edition version of the Credit Card Lock Pick Set is a collectible tribute to the greatest escape artist in history. Brand New: As is, no returns. See photos for details and visual description.

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