Pirate Teeth


Pirate Teeth

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Season USA’s Pirate Teeth for ages 8 plus. Teeth: 4 different styles to choose from. Better fitting, comfortable and realistic. This accessory was designed to fit everyone. They are made of a soft and safe material. 1: wash teeth completely with warm water and soap. 2: put teeth in hot water for 5 minutes. Let cool to touch, then put in mouth and bite down hard. 3: After biting down on the teeth, if there is a spot that irritates your gums, identify the spot and remove teeth. Then use scissors to trim down. Repeate step 1 and 2. 4: your teeth should not need adhesive. For a better fit, a commercial dental adhesive can be used. Caution: follow dental adhesive instruction. Made in china for Seasons USA. NEW. Packaging may exhibit shelf or display scuff and wear from shelves, peg-boards, and displays. As is, no returns. See photos for condition, details, and or visual description. UPC: 628481110058

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