The Priestess of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley (Paperback 2008 – USED VERY GOOD)


The Priestess of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley (Paperback 2008 – USED VERY GOOD)

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A used paperback edition of “Priestess of Avalon” by Marion Zimmer Bradley, 2008 – A ROC FANTASY BOOK, Penguin Putnam, New York. Paperback, full color cover and back, interior black and white pages, 394 pages. Used: Good, cover/back has shelf wear, indents, scratches, chips, and scuff. creasing on back. Interior pages browning with age,inside back cover has prophecy from former owner 12/5 Dream I am in – I was in a body of H2O w/In Ocean? Lake? swimming and we saw a guy in a tiny airplane (like a kids ride) falling out of sky when a big parachute opened. Then I was cleaning / sweeping a house (hardwood floors) empty when G. came Em and Loo were there with him. They were smiling hugging him a saying hello or goodby. Then he told me he had to wait till things settle down again. I felt sad – just listened – resigned. Bk says: parachute = help, guidance and protection is occuring now from above. broom – putting things in order, emotions. sweeping – cleaning up emotional issues, past. airplane – spiritual awakening – position. ADR/Ground – perception re-particular problem. Falling = loss of control of situation, low energy. Floor – foundation, support, that which you base your life on. Learning emotional lessons, how to maintain and understand self in emotional items of life, staying on top of emotions. hair – power flowing from tthen crown chakra – spiritual center. longer the hair = pwer. colors = red-energy. orange = energy and peace. yellow – peace. gold – christ like. also Loo or Ems hair was high, multi-colored long and very curly. one of us said “oh here’s my hair color in your hair”. . “Joanne Vollman” writtern on inside cover in sharpee. binding has light creasing. See photos for condition, details, and visual description. As is, no returns. In the long-awaited return to Avalon, the author of the Mists of Avalon and her collaborator, bestselling author Diana L. Paxson, fuse myth, magic, and romance in the spectacular tale of one woman’s role in the making of history and spirit …. Marion Zimmer Bradley died in 1999. This book may be a collector’s item, as reprints are unknown.

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