Pad of Caveant Malefactores! Book Geas warning by Isaac Bonewits


Pad of Caveant Malefactores! Book Geas warning by Isaac Bonewits © 1999 – 20-25 sheets

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A pad of Geas spells by Isaac Bonewits threatening cursing if theft. Created by Isaac Bonewits © 1999. 20-25 sheets. “In the names of Ibis headed Thoth and Starry Crowned Isis, of Hard Visaged Athena and Brightly Winged Hermes, of the Clever Legba and the Wise Erzule Freda, of Melodious Sarasbati and the Graceful Dancing Ganesh, and of all other Divinities of Wisdom, Knowledge, Art, and Science: A Spell is hereby placed upon all who read these words! If you should steal this book or borrow it and return it not to its proper Owner, who is: or if you should use the contents for any act or spell that would injure or enslave any innocent person or cause harm to our Holy Mother Earth, then shall all your tools and weapons turn against you, all beauty and joy depart from your life, and all your cunning bring you naught save sorrow and despair, till you have made full resitution for your crime, Caveant Malefactores! These tags have been sitting in markets and store shelves for years, thereby have shelf wear, currently in plastic bag to protect. As is, no returns. As the author is deceased, these are collector items, no longer made or sold.

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