Mistletoe, European – Viscum album – one ounce


European Mistletoe
Viscum album

1 ounce, cut and sifted, from Frontier Herb Cooperative

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Mistletoe, European – Viscum album
– 1 ounce – cut and sifted, sourced from Frontier Herb Cooperative.

Symbol of peace and truce, when berries fertility, when not – protection. Kissing under during Yule and Xmas for love and partnership. Associated with the sun, air, Apollo, Venus, Freya, Odin, and Balder. attract love, luck while hunting, for forgiveness and reconciliation, increased potency in men, help with conception, burned to banish unwanted spirits and dreams. In Folk Culture and folklore, European (not American) Mistletoe is used to lower blood pressure, heart, circulatory system.

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