Buckthorne Bark, c/s 1 oz


Buckthorne Bark

1 oz

Cut and sifted

Frontier Herb Cooperative

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Buckthorne Bark
Frangula Alnus
cut and sifted, 1 oz
from Frontier Herb Cooperative

Buckthorne Bark has been used medicinally by many folk cultures, any d grows as a shrub throughout North America and Europe. It has been said to aid in constipation, but there is no scientific evidence. The bark is said to work like a laxative by stimulating the intestines. There is insufficient medical or scientific evidence for its purported uses for cancer and other conditions. It is known to cause cramping when used internally, and possibly unsafe if used more than 8 days. Do not use if have diarrhea or other intestinal issues. See webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-850/alder-buckthorn for more information.

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