China Black Tea, 1 oz


China Black Tea, 1 oz

From China, sourced from Frontier Herb Cooperative.

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China Black Tea, 1 oz

Camellia spp.
Camellia sinensis L.

We source our China Black Tea from the Frontier Herb Cooperative where it is imported from China. It is a medium-body spicy bright tea with a slight citrus note. Great for a breakfast tea or a base for making your own tea blends.

Magically Black tea is a masculine plant, associated with the Sun and element of Fire. Mythologically its used to attract riches, courage, and strength.  In addition to giving energy especially when drunk as a tea, it is an ingredient in the mixing of lust drinks, added to talismans to give the bearer courage and strength, and the leaves are burnt to ensure riches, added to money mixtures, and sachets.

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