Rise (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Sean Scott


Rise (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Sean Scott

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Rise (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Sean Scott. ( RISESEAN )  Trick. Difficulty:Beginner. Learn the secret behind one of Dynamo’s favorite effects to perform. Raw, in your face street magic using an everyday object.. Description:
“Yes you do have to have to strap this on and part of it lives in your shoe but it’s not bulky nor is it intrusive. There are also no permanent modifications you have to make to any piece of clothing. The mechanism itself is easy to adjust and operate. With about an hour of practice, you can find your groove and get this working super-fast.” -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine”One of my favorite effects to perform, insane visual magic!”
– Dynamo
Performed on worldwide TV by pro’s such as Dynamo & PENN & TELLER’s hit TV show “WIZARD WARS”. RISE by Sean Scott shocked spectators as they witnessed a crushed (and signed) Red Bull can completely inflate to its original state. The can is then handed out to be opened, and even drank.
Rise is a hyper-visual restoration of a Red Bull can that has been crushed into a flat puck of metal. With a stomp of the foot, your spectators will be astounded as the can fully inflates under your foot. You have your audience inspect the can with (or without) a signature, where they can freely open that can and even drink the contents. Many years of development, engineering and real-world testing by Sean has resulted in a highly-practical and stunningly visual moment that will shower your audience in disbelief.
This is raw, in-your-face, street magic that uses an everyday object to create a once in a lifetime moment.
Stealthy low-profile, specially designed & tested deployment apparatus.
Restored + Sealed beverage can be immediately examined.
Easy to learn & perform.
Show soles of shoes.
No alterations to shoes or pants.
Signed can version included.
Resets in seconds.
Minimal assembly required.
Over 90 minutes of streaming instructions, tips, bonuses & performance ideas. 
 Brand New: As is, no returns. See photos for details and visual description.

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